Economic Abuse – An Introduction


Economic abuse and violence hit many families all around the world, until the destruction of the family and its future generations is out of proportion. The phenomenon occurs when the aggressive party in the family takes over the funds, resources and property of the family, and makes the other, submissive and terrified from confrontations, financially dependent on him/her.

The phenomenon’s features include some crucial aspects, such as the creation of debts in the name of the weak and the vulnerable, all while keeping him/her without livelihood.

The phenomenon not always accompanied by violence, but by fraud, stealing and cunning.

Being a lawyer specializing in the field of family law, I have 11 years’ experience at providing advice to victims who come to the violence prevention centers and to the Israeli women movement of NAAMAT. There I saw, checked, examined and categorized hundreds of cases of violence and economic violence and abuse in the family, and as a reaction, and in order to contribute my experience to help people, I decided to set up a blog and a website including important and necessary information (which expands and will increase in the near future), all with regard to the phenomenon and the possibilities of action against it.

I believe that it is possible, by explaining the necessary steps, to get out of economic abuse and live a good and liberated life!

I invite anyone who considers himself suffering from this phenomenon to write to me and send me comments, cases and materials that can assist me confronting the phenomenon and helping those who suffer from it.

Do not hesitate! Contact me.

Harel Seal

Specializing in violence and economic abuse in families.




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