How to Deal with Evil?

Many couples I met divorcing each other, reported that their great love turned into hate, and they became enemies.

A parallel process may occur also between parents and children brothers and sisters and other relatives

The situation, in which emotions change in extremism, is very dangerous to the victim who finds himself/herself struggling against an enormous evil, cannot predict the next step.

It is not simple at all handling in this situation and the consequences may be hard and dangerous, especially to hopeless people

What shell one do in order to deal with evil or coping with an hating aggressor?

The answer is: on the first hand, never confront the evil directly. And on the other hand never try to deal with a person his/her emotions are so negative towards you and unfortunately strive to harm you.

Confronting the evil is not efficient because once the aggressor decided to act in an evil way, and it may stem from hating, revenge or any other origin, he/she will use more and more evil and manipulations, including violence, threatening, deceit and fraud in order to domineering his/her evil against the victim. On the other hand as aforesaid, trying to appease the aggressor will not bring the preferably consequence, and that because evil do not stand weakness and unfortunately weakness brings more and more evil

This answer is not going to change whether the origin of evil is rational or irrational, because in both cases the person who decide to cause you harm will continue his/her  moves and he/she may not stop till causing severe or even irreversible damages.

So if not confronting or appeasing the aggressor how can one cope and handle the situation?

The only way is to assist professional factors and consult them trying to look for a way in order to because the other party understand that evil is unuseful and even some kind of a boomerang.

That is to say that the victim should look for a policy or tactics which will let him/her  an advantage against the aggressor in order to cause the aggressor fear, anxiety, confusion and in the end understanding that the continuation of his/her acts will cause him/her severe damages.

I repeat that the whole process cannot be done by the victim himself/herself and that the victim absolutely needs a professional help to manufacture the right and the proper technique or tactic bringing him/her the proper consequences.

To summarize : once you find yourselves coping with a spouse, son, daughter or a parent shows you evil,  or that you perceive that his/her purpose is to cause you harm, don’t confront him/her and on the other hand, don’t  try to negotiate them. Both of those acts are not efficient at all.

The only efficient way is to seek for a tactic its purpose to cause the aggressor fear, confusion and finally  the understanding that evil is a boomerang and in his/her efforts to cause  the harm, will eventually harm himself/herself.


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