photo by: Oren Shalev

photo by: Oren Shalev



Harel Seal is a licensed lawyer specialising in Family Law. With over 16 years in the field, Harel is a professional who not only has the technical/legal know-how, but also years of invaluable experience in his speciality. He is the owner of an independent law firm where he offers his legal services.


As a teenager studying languages and Middle Eastern Studies at Kugel High School in Holon (1984-1987), Harel already had his sights on becoming a lawyer in the future. His family and friends were all aware of his dream to practice law, and of his particular interest in the field of family law.


After his military service (in the intelligence corps) in 1987-1991, Harel went on to receive his Bachelors degree in the History of the Middle East, Africa and Political Science, from Tel Aviv University (1993). Even though he greatly enjoyed his studies, the desire to help others as well as his passion for the law hadn’t left him; he knew that he would eventually take up the legal profession.


At the age of 26, Harel enrolled in Shaarei Mishpat College (a subsidiary of Bar-Ilan University) where his journey towards becoming a lawyer began. During his studies, his desire to help the weak in society grew, and after his graduation in 1997, he immediately set to work in a law firm in Tel Aviv, specialising in Local Authorities Law.


Harel received his license to practice law in 1998, and in 1999 began working as a lawyer in a large law firm in Ramat Gan where he worked on active High Court cases, Administrative Appeals, as well as in Banking Law. Although Harel initially decided to work in less emotional fields than Family Law, during his work on the peripheries of various law firms, he was exposed to many cases in Family Law and found himself drawn to them.


In 2003, Harel opened his own law firm, and for the last 12 years has been specializing in Family Law, representing litigants in large and complex cases in both Family and Religious Courts. During his work on many different cases (from bankruptcies to cases against banks), he was exposed to the ugly business of economic abuse from big institutions such as banks, but also from victims’ own family members. This inspired him to begin work as a legal counsellor for the NAAMAT organization (the movement of working women and volunteers), where for 10 years now he has been giving legal advice and lectures on violence prevention and fighting back against economic abuse.


Harel firmly believes that  economic abuse can be stopped and effectively dealt with, and has made it his life’s goal to help eliminate this scourge from society.


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