To get rid of domestic economic abuse!

Domestic economic abuse is a pervasive phenomenon, distorted and destructive.
It occurs when a family member takes over the property, assets and funds of another family member, and in fact deprives the victim of his or her assets.

The phenomenon also exists when a family member prevents another family member from working and supporting himself, or when a family member creates financial obligations in his or her name, thus exposing him or her to potential claims and proceedings.

As a result of economic abuse the family falls victim to foreclosure, mercy, or remains without shelter and without means of support.
Economic abuse wears many forms but is not always accompanied by violence. Too often it is carried out in sophisticated and artful ways.
Economic abuse destroys people financially and emotionally; it corrupts and distorts perceptions.

However women, men, children and the elderly, living in the shadow of economic terrorism, do not always understand the situation fully, and are often unable to recognize it.
The phenomenon of economic abuse causes mental destruction not only to its direct victims, but also to anyone who comes into contact with it, especially children, who see the success of a family member as he or she subdues the weaker relative through aggression, manipulation, controlling and cunning, which unfortunately creates a distorted perception that they hold forever that “might makes right”.

Economic abuse corrupts generations, increasing its its distortion and bequeathing it to others in all walks of life, especially the future families currently affected.
Economic abuse causes tremendous economic damage for the country, which has to subsidize and support its victims, providing legal assistance, discounts etc.
In many states, economic abuse is not handled by the police, since in principle it is not a crime. Moreover, many states and civil courts do not always recognize the phenomenon because of its complexity and lack of evidence.

For the last 11 years I have studied the phenomenon of economic abuse in order to characterize it and catalog it.


As a result of my experience in the field, I believe that I have the knowledge, ability, skills and deep understanding to crack the dynamics of economic abuse and bring about long-awaited change and upheaval.

My vision is to see economically abused families healed!
My vision is to see the economic abuse victims get back their property!
My vision is to see children raised in the lap of economic abuse defeat it and realize that the domineering and aggressive approach is doomed to failure!

• I will assist you in comprehending the phenomenon of economic abuse, as we delve into it and get the knowledge needed to make the awareness and understanding about it.
• You will better understand the dynamics of economic abuse, what is due and what he draws.
• I’ll give you the tools and, if necessary, an orderly plan to take all the necessary steps to prepare yourself for change and transformation, mentally prepare for this, and make the fateful decision to stop the economic abuse.

• After teaching you to make the right decision, I will give you the tools and, if necessary, an orderly plan to make the decision correctly, thoroughly, and with fewer surprises and mistakes (There is no way not to make a mistake at all. The question is how many errors and what sorts of mistakes …) while dealing with all the obstacles that arise.
• And finally, after you make the desired change, I will teach you, help you and support you in terms of maintaining your new situation, while dealing with all the troubles and problems that may pop up.

I’ll walk with you through the entire process – from beginning to end.
Let’s go along the road.

Treat yourself seriously – and life will illuminate your face.

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