The Damage of Economic Abuse

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Economic abuse is an evil phenomenon that corrupts families and causes great destruction.

Economic abuse financially ruins people from the ground up, often causing them to become destitute or to become a burden on their children and family and sometimes on the country.


In the United States, according to the NCADV, between 25% – 50% of the victims of domestic abuse lose their jobs due to the abuse against them. The U.S. economy loses 1.75 million working days every year as a result of economic abuse, which also causes financial losses  to a total of 3-5 billion per year, related to absence from work, decreased productivity, health costs and security costs.

In other countries as well, economic abuse causes severe ailments such as massive loss of work days, loss of jobs, creation of debt, declining fertility and so on.

In all countries mental health services are flooded by adults and children suffering from emotional damage as a result of this sad phenomenon.

As the mind is related to the body, it causes many bodily ills resulting from depression and stress.

But the damage is cumulative, increasing damage to future generations.  As a result of economic abuse,  generations of children are growing up with the fundamentally distorted view that “might makes right” and that “the strongest wins.”

When a child is experiencing abuse, his worldview is distorted and twisted into believing that through dominance and aggression you get what you want.

This will also be his worldview in all areas of life, at school, with friends and all.

Even if one hides it, for example at work or in business, one day the distorted worldview may surface; for example, the aggressor will rank at his  work place and start to run over and subdue the subordinates. Why? Because that’s what he or she  knows … these are the dynamics he or she  grew up on. This flawed worldview is familiar for him/her.

Also in relationships and parenting he (or she) will continue the pattern, so they will continue the sick dynamics and the distorted role of militancy, humiliation and trampling into submission.

When economic abuse is directed against the helpless, then it is the worst type of this horrible phenomenon, as the helpless is not able to defend himself, and he doesn’t have any choice but to plead for mercy, surrendering to the aggressor. Helpless victims of economic abuse lose all their belongings, and unfortunately find themselves living in inappropriate conditions until they die.

Unfortunately, economic abuse corrupts and stain families’ perfection. The stained are abuser’s parents since they created and  educated a person without values and minimum human standards; ditto brothers and sisters who grew up with him in the same house and got the same or similar education; ditto the parents of the spouse  who are forced to watch their child overwhelmed and crushed. In fact, anyone who comes into contact with economic abuse is stained and destroyed.

At the macro level, beyond the nuclear family and the extended family of victims of abuse, the economic abuse corrupts the whole society, and as I described above, it is produced by many people who were breastfed a distorted worldview and pass it on and on and on.

As a result of economic abuse, many people have lost their possessions, wealth and mental as well as physical health.

As a result of economic abuse, large parts of the younger generation have lost all trust and faith in relationships, marriage and family.

For all the reasons above, we need urgently to eliminate economic abuse and fight it to the bitter end, and as soon as possible.

I suggest anyone reading this article check whether he is or a relative or  a close friend is a true victim of economic abuse, and if they are, what damage they suffered when they came in contact with it.

After you review these things, I am sure you will see that the injuries and damages are so-called multi-systemic, economic, psychological, and perceptual.

I’d be happy to answer any questions and inquiries about this.

Harel Seal



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