What Can You Do to Get Out of Economic Abuse?


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If you  are in a situation of economic abuse , I will ask  you to memorize the following sentences:

• “Economic abuse is fundamentally a reversible situation and can be changed  in quite a short time.”

• “If you do what is required, you will eliminate economic abuse from your life, plain and simple!”

• “People who were in economically abusive situations and managed to escape completely recovered from it, and saved the lives of their children and their families.”

It is important that you memorize these phrases to let you know that you can make moves against economic abuse, to stop it!

Everything is just a matter of a decision, a proper strategy and a plan of simple steps you can easily learn and practice in my courses.

I am well aware of the fact that it is not just a decision that will release you from economic abuse; if it was so easy, probably every one of you could do it without effort. But the fact is this is not the situation and economic abuse is not so easy to escape from without a plan.

Moreover, I know from my experience that action without an appropriate plan can even bring the person backwards from the failed attempt.

Failures occur not because economic abuse is a fate or a destiny, but because the change was not made correctly, by thinking about all the aspects, and without practicing how to make the change correctly.

Change is a matter of practice, and like any practice, changing one’s situation requires practice!

We will learn how to make a change from the beginning; then we will go step by step until we  have the ability, the knowledge and the self-confidence to make the move and succeed with it.

We will learn all the steps before we decide to make a final assertive and consistent decision to stop the economic abuse.

Again remember that anyone can ‘decide’, but if his / her decision is not based on a systematic and correct analysis of the relevant facts, the chances are that it will fail when the first obstacles appear.

Remember that action cannot occur immediately after the decision; one has to go through the whole process of preparation for the formulation of an appropriate plan, and only then make the decision.

We will  learn how to overcome all obstacles that arise during implementation.

We will learn how to maintain the performance and prevent deterioration of the situation after the implementation, forever.

Proper and systematic work can let you escape years of economic abuse within a few weeks or months, depending on each case.

Every day you spend in economic abuse is a day which causes you, your children and other members of the family severe damage!

Let’s change,

Harel Seal


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