Since October 2020, My 2 Step-Sons And 4 Step-Daughters Have Promoted A False, Negative, Concept About Russell Kukla.

Terrell Lynn Almost Receives Nightly Massage? Almost Because Our Grandchildren Have Been Removed From Our Lives. 

Those Who Know Better Must Do Better To Help Those Who Need Mental Health Help? YES!

I Promise To Tell The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth About Family Abuse. 

The Straw That Broke Russell's Back? Our Granddaughters In Public School 10 Hours Per Day!

"Russell's grieving the death of his own children." Do I Help Heal Our Family Or Help Expand 1 School? 

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats? That's Russell Warren Kukla And Terrell Lynn Kukla To Help Our Family! 

Not 1 Other Person Created 1 Thing For The Healing Arts Day Spa? Yet, It's Russell Who's Being Abused? 

An ABUSIVE Manager Vs. A LOVING Manager? You Decide.

Do You See A True Father Figure And A True Grandfather Figure?

Who Helped to Heal Terrell Lynn Kukla's Hip Dysplasia? Russell!

Thou Shalt Not Steal Our Dear Clients, Customers, & Friends.

Russell Warren And Terrell Lynn
Helped Heal Each Other.

Terrell Lynn Shares Her Truth About NO Excuse for Family Abuse!

Dad Russell's Astrology Portents Daughter Tara's Astrology Portents

Terrell Lynn Shares Her Truth About NO Excuse for Family Abuse!

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